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Choppy sound with GNU Radio and PulseAudio

If you get choppy sound when using pulseaudio with GNU radio it might help to create a file ~/.gnuradio/config.conf (if it does not already exist) and add the following:


nperiods = 16

nperiods should be increased even more if the sound still remains choppy.

You could also set period_time to a value around 0.100 in the same file

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Thank you ! - Mabarz (2015-09-23 10:58:06)
Worked for me as well with a value of 64 (at 48kHz in the audio sink in GRC). Thanks !
- Victor (2015-08-17 09:18:32)
Thank you so much, this worked for me with a value of 64!
Not any sound - Hoang (2015-08-11 06:11:40)
when I run a simple FM rx with USRP1 and GNU radio 3.7.5 the console display. Audio sink arch: alsa aUaUaUa .... I tried to configure /etc/gnuradio/conf.d/gr-audio-alsa.conf as above, but it doesnot work. Do you have any experience on this ? THank you !
Works! - Alex (2015-05-10 12:44:04)
Thank you very much
Yes! - Anonymous (2015-04-26 20:32:50)
Thank you! It worked for me as well. But I needed a value of 128 to get a continuous sound.
- RJK (2014-12-28 08:47:02)
This worked for me. :D

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