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High Voltage

High voltage can be very dangerous!!!

A lot of people think it is really fun to play with high voltage stuff. It's probably the sight of something considered magical that triggers people. Throughout the years there have been made many devices that try to show high voltage. What is interesting to know is that many of these devices were invented before most other electric and electronic stuff that we today take for granted.

One of the most spectacular things made is the Tesla Coil. It is a device which throws out magical blue "sparks" into the air. It has inspired movie makers and computer game makers throughout the 20th century, and still fascinates people today.

The Van de Graaff generator was invented as a device to generate high static electricity. The way it operates is mostly mechanical. It actually transports electrons from one part of the machine to an other part with a belt.

The Jacob's ladder is also a fascinating thing which sends an arc of current between two sticks of metal and rises.

Jacob's ladderTesla Coil
Van de Graaff

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